The Studio Barber & Tattoo

Identity, motif, hand-painted shop fascia and A-board. The Studio, 88 George St. Hove.

︎ business identity & motif
︎ hand painted fascia
︎ a-board

Date: April 2016
Client: The Studio

Chai Kai Tea House

Logo design and hand painted interior/exterior signs for Chai Kea Tea House, St.Ives, Cambridgeshire. Interior design by Unite Creative. Featured in Retail Design World.

︎ business identity
︎ hand painted signs
︎ bespoke lettering

Client: Unite Creative / Chai Kai Tea House
Date: Jan 2014

The Coffee Station

Logo & hand painted exterior sign for The Coffee Station, Boundary Rd, hove.

︎ business identity
︎ hand painted fascia
︎ design & install

Client: The Coffee Station
Date: Aug 2016

Elements Martial Arts

Hand painted club sign following supplied artwork for Elements Martial Arts, Hove.

︎ hand painted sign

Client: Elements Martial Arts
Date: September 2018

Onemed Medical Centre

Hand painted exterior sign following supplied logo for Onemed Medical Centre, Goldstone Lane, Hove.

︎ hand painted sign

Client: Onemed Medical Centre
Date: February 2018

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