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I’m an experienced independent designer specialising in custom lettering, decorative hand painted signs and gold leaf gilding.

Craftsmanship, care, consideration and clarity are the cornerstones of my approach.

For booking and availability please get in touch.


Over the last two decades I've worked on design and signwriting projects on an independent and in-house basis for lots of great clients including well know brands, private individuals, shops, restaurants, pubs and small businesses.

Much of my inspiration comes from my collection of original signwriting manuals, vintage packaging, labels, old trade signs, packaging and ephemra.

By utilising a blend of heritage craft techniques including signwriting, gold leaf gilding and pencil draughting alongside my professional design experience I can offer work that is rooted in tradition, relevant in today's digital world and designed to stand the test of time.  

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︎ Hand painted signs
︎ Gold leaf gilding 
︎ Fascias, windows, A Boards 
︎ House numbers

︎ Vehicles


︎ Logo & identity
︎ Packaging design
︎ Design for print
︎ Illustration

︎ Concepts & visualisation

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“ Jon combines all of the traditional skills of a master signwriter to deliver the beautiful hand painted look that we wanted. ”

John Azzopardi - The Brooksteed, Worthing

“ But what really floats my boat is the wonderful things sign! The shop just got a whole lot better because Jon May made it by hand, in the traditional way. What a pleasure doing business with that guy!”

Giles Ellis - Schofield Watch Company, Upper Beading

“Jon's attention to detail and ability to completely encapsulate who Chocolatician is now and will be in decades to come in the logo, chocolate coin and signage work was just astounding.”

Jen Lindsey-Clark - Chocolatician, Shoreham

“We commissioned Jon to gild the name of our home on the fanlight above the front door. Jon was quick to respond, helpful in his advice and expert in his creation of the gilding.  It really adds something special to the appearance of our home.”

Emily McCunn - Worthing


For booking and availability
lease get in touch

As each project will have it’s own individual requirements it’s helpful to know what the project involves:  Please include wording, dimensions, indication of surfaces to paint (masonary, glass, fascia ect), location, access, if design work is required and any relevant photos or reference images. 


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